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January/February 2021

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8 U P F R O N T P R O D U C T S A N D S E R V I C E S Tingley Narwhal jacket helps with heat retention PPE provider Tingley is adding a new product to its workwear offering. The Narwhal jacket is a high-visibility jacket with insulation to help with heat retention. The product is well timed for the cold winter months in Canada. Tingley says the jacket has been engineered with an ANSI/ISEA 107 Type R Class 3-compliant outer fabric as well as its proprietary Thermoficient inner lining, which reflects the wearer's own body heat back to them. "Tingley's newest insulated option is engineered to maximize warmth and minimize bulk. One of the biggest misconceptions with cold weather workwear is that more weight equals more warmth, but a heavy jacket can really weigh you down while you're trying to work and lead to fatigue. A loftier, lighter insulation will retain heat better than a dense, heavy fabric and take some of the weight off your shoulders," says Meg Bowser, product manager for Tingley. The jacket offers wearers increased heat retention as well as higher visibility thanks to its fluorescent yellow-green background material and reflective tape, making it a good option for low-visibility working conditions. Lastly, the model has a 300 denier PU on polyester shell, making it waterproof for all weather conditions. Brady touts faster labelling solution Brady has launched the BradyPrinter i7100 Vial Label Applicator. Companies may face problems applying labels at high volumes. Brady's new automated device may be a solution for this challenge. This device works with the BradyPrinter i7100 Industrial Label printer peel model, taking printed labels and applying them to vials and tubes. It's faster and more efficient than writing or hand-applying labels. It also reduces labelling time for lab techs, which saves both time and money. Brady says that the Vial Label Applicator will save time to make printing more efficient, allows more precision and accuracy compared to hand-written labels and is affordable. Aquila launches reusable nylon gloves Hand protection provider Aquila has released its new NR3006 nylon gloves. The gloves are reusable and may be frequently cleaned and laundered between uses. The company says this will allow users to save on cost. This disposable alternative is also an advantage for environmentally conscious users, who may prefer this option to disposable gloves. The NR3006 nylon gloves have nitrile-coated palms and are available for use in non-medical situations. The gloves feature a lightweight nylon liner that allows the hand to breathe and reduces fatigue as well enabling good grip and dexterity. In addition, the gloves are chemical and abrasion resistant, says Aquila. The Aquila range of coated gloves includes different dips and finishes — such as latex, nitrile and sand. improves skills safe environment Virtual reality HONEYWELL VIRTUAL REALITY-BASED TRAINING SIMULATOR HONEYWELL is introducing its Immersive Field Simulator to help train plant operators and field technicians. The simulator incorporates virtual reality to provide users with a detailed, accurate training environment. The simulator will improve training times beyond traditional classroom- based learning as well as minimize situations that could result in operational downtime, according to Honeywell. "Faced with increasingly complex technology and an experienced workforce nearing retirement, operators need robust technical training and development solutions that accurately depict real-world environments," says Pramesh Maheshwari, vice president and general manager of lifecycle solutions and services at Honeywell Process Solutions. "Traditional training approaches often fail to meet the mark when it comes to helping panel and field operators and maintenance technicians in process plants become better at their jobs. The result can be reliability issues and increased operational incidents." The solution uses 3D immersive technology and an operator training simulation to create a learn environment that combines both virtual reality and reality-based training tools. This is particularly useful during the current pandemic, where in-person training is limited due to physical distancing measures. The Immersive Field Simulator is more broadly part of Honeywell's Competency Management program. This program, which includes the simulator training, uses decades of workers' experiences to further learning on using integrated control and safety systems. Honeywell says this new solution will modernize competency-based offerings and push to improve worker performance and safety. "With our end-to-end solution, console and field operators can practice different operating and safety scenarios, including rare but critical situations, in a safe, simulated environment," says Maheshwari.

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