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March/April 2020

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10 U P F R O N T P R O D U C T S A N D S E R V I C E S CUT LEVEL COLOUR-CODED IN HONEYWELL'S NEW CORESHIELD GLOVE LINE HONEYWELL has launched a new line of industrial work gloves — CoreShield — with a colour-coded marking system that makes it simple to choose the correct cut protection for the work application according to the new EN/ANSI standards. The gloves have a reinforced thumb and accent colours either in red, yellow, green, blue or purple, indicating lowest to highest cut protection. The colour coding also makes it easier to tell left and right apart, it is quicker to sort after washing and results in lower cost of ownership, less downtime and more productivity, Honeywell says. The CoreShield line comprises 22 models offering cut resistance from A1 to A9 level protection and are woven with a lightweight, high-strength yarn developed by Honeywell. "Choosing the wrong cut-protective gloves exposes a worker's hands to risk, but it may also cause discomfort and lack of productivity, which add additional costs," says Sujo John, product manager, Honeywell Industrial Safety. "Compared to other work gloves, these offer more comfort and resistance to hand fatigue on a full job shift while providing a spectrum of customized safety against superficial cuts to lacerations of the most severe kind." CoreShield was developed for durability and comfort. A high-performance coating with an additional reinforced thumb provide extended life for gloves and maximum protection for hand and wrist. Comfort is achieved by using one of the lightest knitted fabrics in the industry, according to Honeywell. By replacing the glass fibre used in most cut-resistant gloves with softer, skin-friendly yarn, CoreShield also reduces the risk of skin allergies. A 360-degree breathable option is also available. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, the hand is the most often-injured body part and cuts are the most common workplace injury. Companies spend more than US$24,000 on average for every hand injury. In many cases of injury, workers are simply not wearing the proper glove for the job, Honeywell says. eC EDGE APP BLENDS FIELD iD AND eCOMPLIANCE ECOMPLIANCE has unveiled the concept version of the eC Edge App. With the beta version launching later this year, the new application is the amalgamation of the best features of both Field iD and eCompliance into one platform. The eC Edge App includes a news feed feature that displays all of the workforce's latest activity on a respective site. The feed will include updates on hazards, who is arriving late, who worked the night shift and what each worker is facing upon arrival to the site. The app allows the safety manager's workforce to report a hazard ID in 90 seconds or less. Workers can attach an image or take one in real time, categorize and assign the hazard and assign a severity level ranging from low to extreme. Severity levels can be used to configure push notifications. "Hive fives" are also introduced in the app, with the goal of bringing proactive, positive reinforcement to the workforce. High fives are positive observations for the workforce to recognize one another for going above and beyond. Push notifications allow safety managers to be notified of corrective action in real time or alert the entire workforce about an extreme hazard right away. These notifications can be configured based on severity levels of reporting hazard IDs and to each user's needs. The new team dashboard provides team members — not just managers — direct awareness into each site, making safety performance more transparent. High-performance coating Master Lock unveils circuit breaker lockout device The Master Lock Company has unveiled its new family of Grip Tight Plus Circuit Breaker Lockout devices. The devices allow employees to reliably lock out an even greater range of circuit breaker applications, including on multi-pole breakers, tie-bar toggle breakers and 480V moulded case or oversized breakers. Compatible with a wide variety of circuit breaker handle shapes and sizes, the devices have lightweight, one-piece designs and do not require tools for installation. Additionally, each lockout device is equipped with a large thumbscrew with knurled texture, allowing users to easily grip and tighten the thumbscrew for a secure lockout. A screwdriver slot is also available to further increase the grip on the circuit breaker if desired. Pure Safety Group expands CSA certification Pure Safety Group (PSG) has announced an expanded CSA-certified lineup of self-retracting lifelines (SRLs). The newly certified fall protection products include the popular Guardian Halo Leading Edge SRLs available in lengths from 20 feet through 65 feet as well as 14 other SRLs. These products now meet CSA Z259.2.2-2017. PSG has been distributing products in Canada under the Norguard brand, which will soon become the Guardian brand. "We're committed to meeting and exceeding CSA standards as they evolve with an expanded offering of products to keep Canadian workers at height safe on the job," says Andre Pelland of PSG, adding that all PSG products launched in the future will be certified in all standards — ANSI, OSHA, CSA and EN. Lightweight, high-strength yarn Reinforced thumb Colour-coded marking system

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