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November/December 2020

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E D I T O R I A L WE all look for silver linings — it's in our very nature to try and find optimism in dark times. It's not easy to find any good sides to a global health crisis that has left hundreds of thousands of people dead, millions without jobs and a worldwide recession. Maybe one piece of good news we can cling on to is that the safety profession has come into sharper focus over the past few months. With the current pandemic, workplace health and safety is more important than ever — and the sector is receiving increased visibility with concerns over PPE and occupational diseases becoming mainstream. More so than ever before, safety professionals have been essential. As businesses and organizations navigate ever-changing guidelines, safety heroes have been leading the way. This year's Canada's Safest Employers Awards was always going to be special; 2020 marks the event's 10-year anniversary! We may have envisioned our celebrations slightly differently, but we are as proud as ever to shine a spotlight on the OHS community and the individuals paving the way for a better, safer and healthier workplace. For our cover story this month, come and discover the eight finalists up for Safety Leader of the Year — one of the event's most anticipated prizes. Aside from spotlighting our safety heroes, this issue is chock-full of other essential features. Protective clothing is an integral part of the safety profession. Most occupations wouldn't function properly without it, and for many workers, protective clothing can be the differentiating factor between being safe on the job and exposing themselves to danger. Nevertheless, female workers still struggle with finding clothing that will actually fit! In this issue, COS takes a deep dive into protective clothing for women for its PPE focus. Hot on the heels of last month's successful roundtable, this month we hand the mic over to a panel of experts in the tech sector. Once a sector that may have been reticent to embrace new tech, this pandemic has accelerated the development of tech to a dizzying degree. We ask the experts: Is tech the future of OHS? Lastly, increased sanitization measures mean that more and more workers are having to handle chemical substances — with potentially hazardous results. An integral part of chemical safety, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can help provide answers. We spoke with subject matter specialists to help shed more light on the topic. More than a profession, safety is a community — and one of which COS is a proud member. Maia Foulis, editor, Canadian Occupational Safety Not all heroes wear capes Contents of Canadian Occupational Safety are copyright © 2020 HAB Press Limited and may not be reproduced in whole or part without written consent. HAB Press Limited disclaims any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or currency of the contents of this publication and disclaims all liability in respect of the results of any action taken or not taken in reliance upon information in this publication. HST/GST # 70318 4911 RT0001 Canada Post – Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement 41261516 International Standard Serial Number 0008-4611. The publishers accept no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, colour transparencies or other materials. Manuscripts or other materials must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Canadian Occupational Safety is published six times yearly by HAB Press Limited, KEY MEDIA and the KEY MEDIA logo are trademarks of Key Media IP Limited, and used under license by HAB Press Limited. CANADIAN OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY is a trademark of HAB Press Limited. 20 Duncan St. 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON. M5H 3G8 Issue dates are March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, November/December, January/February. Subscription price: Canada: $69 plus tax; US: $69,International: $96 Canadian Occupational Safety makes every effort to ensure accuracy in all items reported, but cannot accept responsibility for the representations or claims made by sources used. It is also not responsible for claims made by its advertisers. EDITORIAL Editor Amanda Silliker (on leave) Acting Editor Maia Foulis Production Editor Patricia Cancilla Writer Jim Wilson Columnists Cathy Chandler Cheryl A. Edwards Dave Fennell Glyn Jones PRODUCTION Designer Jommel Ramos Production Coordinator Kim Kandravy Client Success Coordinator Kshipra Dhindaw Global Production Manager Alicia Chin (on leave) SALES & ADVERTISING Fred Crossley 416 644 8740 ext. 236 EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Guy Chenard, CRSP, C.E.T. Safety Consultant Dave Gouthro, CRSP, CHSC, CHSO Occupational Health & Safety Consulting David Johnston, CRSP Director, EHS, Toronto Hydro Eldeen Pozniak, CHSC, CHSMSA, CRSP, Director, Pozniak Safety Associates Laura Rourke, CRSP, Peng, TSRP EHSS manager, Tigercat Industries Dan Strand, CRSP, CIH, ROH Director, Prevention Field Services, WorkSafeBC ISSUE 58.05 OCCUPATIONALSAFETY CANADIAN Printed in ACCESS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANY DEVICE. NEWSLETTER Sign up today. It's FREE. Receive the latest news and updates about the world of occupational health and safety, delivered straight to your inbox regularly. 12:40 AM 100% Subscribe at

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