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September/October 2020

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10 U P F R O N T P R O D U C T S A N D S E R V I C E S FireHUD comes up with real-time monitoring system THE BioTrac Platform is a real-time monitoring system that tracks the physiology of individuals through an arm-worn wearable. Through the collection of critical biometric markers such as heart rate and core body temperature, FireHUD uses machine learning to create a personalized profile that predicts exertion levels for each frontline worker. The BioTrac Platform acts as an early-warning system for heat strain and overexertion that can be used to prevent injuries. Additionally, data collected can be used to analyze the effectiveness of training regimens and predict long-term health trends at both the individual and team level. FireHUD aims to make physically demanding jobs safer through new technology and improved situational awareness. The company says that the BioTrac platform is purpose built for the rugged and dangerous environments where its end users operate. The company also puts forward the device's ease of use. FireHUD CEO and CoFounder Zack Braun says, "As an engineer, when I hear a user say, 'I just plugged it in, and it worked,' we know we're hitting on something." FireHUD, Inc. is an Atlanta-based startup that has been awarded contracts by The National Science Foundation (NSF), U.S. Air Force AFWERX and U.S. Army. eCompliance launches Field iD 4.0 Field iD, a cloud-based asset inspection system working under the eCompliance product family, will be launching a 4.0 version. Field iD helps safety teams use upgraded software to effectively track assets digitally and in volume to prevent incidents and asset-related fatalities and optimize equipment lifecycle. It is a mobile app used to inspect assets, equipment and PPE, ensuring its safe and efficient use across thousands of worksites every day. To help hazardous industries as they navigate COVID-19 and adjust to new workplace environments, Field iD will be providing new customers with three months free when they sign up for one year or more. Users will gain access to the entire software capabilities to assist in keeping their frontlines safe and to create a proactive safety culture for their future. SafetyLine innovates with contact tracing app SafetyLine Lone Worker app is receiving an update and will be adding contact tracing to its suite of business intelligence features for worker safety to help track and stop the spread of COVID-19. The new feature will only be applied with explicit consent and privacy from SafetyLine users. "As worker safety professionals, we are always listening to what the current needs are of our customers and the public," says Gabriel Caldwell, CTO at SafetyLine. "SafetyLine's powerful technology can be used to effectively perform contact tracing and track the spread of the virus. Because of this unique opportunity that we have, it's our responsibility to use that for the good of our communities to keep them safe." durable Low fall clearance corrosion resistant NEW HLL INTRODUCED BY PURE SAFETY GROUP FALL protection company Pure Safety Group is introducing the Guardian Retractable HLL (horizontal lifeline). The HLL is for use in either fall arrest or fall restraint applications. During a fall, the Retractable HLL will deploy an extending metal energy absorber designed to reduce peak loads to anchorage structures. The new Retractable HLL can also be used as part of a fall restraint system, which prevents the worker from reaching the leading edge of a fall hazard. The main component of the HLL is a 60-foot galvanized cable horizontal lifeline, which is extremely durable yet portable and designed for temporary use. When it has been involved in a fall, its energy absorber clearly indicates that to the user. Other product features include a single direction tensioner handle that prevents accidental releases and folds down to lie flat along the unit, secured by a magnet to prevent work interference, and handy carry handle. The HLL's hex shaft can connect to a drill to speed retrieval of the lifeline, and its extremely low deflections create low fall clearance for users. The stainless steel housing and handles are corrosion resistant, which extends the life of the product. Quick and easy to install, the HLL can accommodate two workers at the same time, at a weight of 130 to 310 pounds per worker. The Guardian Retractable HLL meets OSHA standards 1910 and 1926 Subpart M and is made for use in any industry where workers are at height. To add the Guardian Retractable HLL to your fall protection program, visit the Guardian Fall Protection website or call 1-800-466- 6385. Pure Safety Group (PSG) is a large independent dedicated fall protection company, which provides high-performance and professional fall protection equipment, tool tethering products and services such as training, engineering and onsite consultation.

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