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October/November 2019

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33 2019 OCTOBER/NOVEMBER NEW BOOT KICKS TRADITIONAL LACES TO THE CURB The Red Wing Tradesman boot collection for men combines the safety features and durability of a traditional work boot with the look and functionality of a performance-inspired hiking boot. The collection pairs an innovative, oblique design providing more toe room and an advanced PU footbed and outsole to offer all-day comfort. Tradesman boots are handcrafted from premium Red Wing leather and feature an additional layer of protection at the toe and heel to protect against daily wear and tear, while a Versatrax sole delivers best-in-class slip resistance, the manufacturer says. All styles are waterproof and feature a non-metallic safety toe, puncture resistance and electrical hazard protection. Additional features on specific styles include a side zipper that offers easy entry or exit and a new lightweight insulation technology. An optional CSA-compliant BOA System allows the wearer to quickly dial in for a secure fit and make micro- adjustments throughout the day. Its precision-engineered laces are contained inside the assembly, keeping them out of the way and outside the reach of machinery. The innovative laces shed ice, dirt, oil and other contaminants. The Tradesman boot collection is ideal for a wide range of industries, including construction, light manufacturing and indoor/ outdoor work environments. VELOCITYEHS NOW OFFERING INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE PRODUCT SUITE VelocityEHS's new industrial hygiene software gives organizations the capability to run a "best-in-class" industrial hygiene program, the company says. "While there's no substitute for a well-trained, well-resourced team of industrial hygienists, the reality today is that a growing number of EHS generalists are being called upon to do sampling and run IH programs that fall outside the scope of their training and traditional responsibilities," says Glenn Trout, president and CEO of VelocityEHS. "[The product's] simple design cuts through the complexity of IH tasks." VelocityEHS' Industrial Hygiene software is a central management hub, facilitating the workflow from party to party. For instance, users can more easily plan and control all aspects of IH, from selection of chemicals and analytical methods, to selection of laboratories and access of sampling results, complete with options to share information with stakeholders. The solution lets users send chain of custody forms directly to labs and receive the analytical data electronically, inside the product, eliminating the need for manual input and helping to avoid errors by making the information readily accessible, VelocityEHS says. Other features include an in-product database of CAS Registry Numbers, occupational exposure limits and laboratories, plus easy tools for tracking and managing of similar exposure groups (SEGs), qualitative assessments, sampling plans, medical surveillance, surveys, samples and equipment. SLICE INTRODUCES SAFETY CUTTER RING Slice's Safety Cutter Ring combines the company's ultra- safe micro-ceramic blade with unprecedented freedom of movement for the user. Most cutting tools require some kind of grip, which can put strain on the muscles and tendons of the hand and wrist. The Safety Cutter Ring becomes part of the user's hand, moving when they do. Slice blades feature a finger-friendly edge that's safe to the touch, but some, like this unique ring cutter, have the micro-ceramic blade, first introduced in the Slice Safety Cutter. The original Safety Cutter is one of the company's most popular tools, tackling industrial plastic bags, vinyl sheets and even clamshell packaging. Whereas the Safety Cutter is intended for straight cuts, the Safety Cutter Ring now gives users the power to make intricate, detailed cuts in the same materials with the tip of their finger. "With a tool that fits right on your finger, the Safety Cutter Ring moves with you. It's as easy and intuitive as using a touch screen on your iPad," says TJ Scimone, Slice founder and CEO. Ideal for detailed work in art or manufacturing settings, the Safety Cutter Ring is ergonomic, ambidextrous and lightweight. It features a removable adapter to accommodate any size finger, so it works well in settings where multiple people share a safety knife. PRODUCTS & SERVICES SUPERIOR GLOVE LAUNCHES DISPOSABLE METAL-DETECTING GLOVE Superior Glove has launched a new disposable glove, the Metal Head. Infused with metal, this nitrile glove is metal-detectable, combining the strength and tear-resistant properties of a nitrile glove with the peace of mind that comes with a metal-detectable glove. This first-of-its-kind glove was designed specifically for the food processing industry. Finding a tiny piece of nitrile that has been lost somewhere along a processing line can be as challenging as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Most times, businesses are forced to throw out massive amounts of product — most of which isn't contaminated — to be sure no contaminated product ever reaches the customer. Superior's new Metal Head glove provides the solution. Processing lines equipped with metal detectors will identify the tear-away piece, making it easy to separate the contaminated product from the rest. Metal Head is the first ever nitrile metal-detectable glove, the company says. "It isn't every day that someone tears their glove without noticing and loses that piece of glove in your product," Superior Glove says, "but on the day it does happen, you'll be thankful you're using Metal Head."

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